MTO Shahmaghsoudi ®

Sufi Art & Architecture

In the course of history, Sufism has exerted an important and profound influence on art and literature. The following architectural examples are representatives of the timeless beauty of Islamic Sufi arts and architecture created in connection with the M.T.O. Shahmaghsoudi® School of Islamic Sufism.

The Memorial Building in Novato (Bana Yadbood)

Sufism, as taught by Hazrat Pir, is applying the knowledge of the sacred to tangible forms that represent the creative power of the soul. An example of this is a shrine near Novato, California, which was designed by Hazrat Pir as a memorial to his cherished father. In accordance with the science of letters and numbers (the science of jafr), in which the numbers relating to the dimensions of the building are converted to letters, the name of his father is obtained. Moreover, the shape of the roof structure represents Allah (as written in Arabic) with all sides of the roof joining to form a pointed summit to represent the unification of the human being with God, signifying that God can be known in the heavens–the heart, the pure elevated state of the human being.

Entering through the large gates of this abode of worship is like entering an inspiring realm. All the magnificent details such as the smooth and seemingly transparent black marble floor, the mirror mosaic ceiling reflecting the lovely display of flowers, the ornamented walls with exquisite Islamic arts and crafts, carved and painted stucco, mosaic tiles with gold and mirror inserts, elaborate metal work, and calligraphy leaves one in awe. Evoking the fragrance of a rose garden, the building encloses the visitor in an atmosphere of harmony and serenity. Surrounded by so much beauty, one is moved to hear the inner call of silence and peace.

The Sufi Centers (Khaneghahs)

Most of the M.T.O.® Sufi centers around the world display exquisite Islamic arts and crafts such as carved and painted stucco, mosaic tiles, elaborate metal work, stained glass windows, mirror work, paintings, and calligraphy.  The unique and exquisite beauty of the Sufi art echoes the sacred principles of harmony and unity.

In the past few years, several magnificent buildings with spectacular interior and exterior designs have been built in Great Falls, Virginia, Dallas, Texas, and Los Angeles, California.

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