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Hazrat Pir’s extensive knowledge ranges from esoteric disciplines and sacred sciences to applied sciences, poetry, and philosophy. He has delivered an array of lectures to many esteemed institutions across the globe, including Sorbonne University in France and Oxford University in England.

Hazrat Pir has written more than 50 books including works of prose and poetry.  His books of poetry in English include:

  • The Secret Word
  • The Approaching Promise
  • Masnavi Ravayeh
  • Whispering Moments
  • The Fragrance of Sufism contains poetry and prose.

His prose works in English include:

  • Sufism
  • Sufism and  Peace
  • Sufism and  Knowledge, Sufism and Wisdom
  • Sufism and  Islam, Theory “I”
  • Sufism the Reality of Religion
  • Sufism the Bridge between Religions
  • Sufism and Faith
  • Expansion & Contraction within Being (Dahm)


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