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Hazrat Jalaleddin Ali Mir Abolfazl Angha

Molana-al-Moazzam Hazrat Jalaleddin Ali, Mir Abolfazl Angha is the 39th Master of the Oveyssi School. Born in Ghazvin, Iran in 1266 A.H (1849 A.D.), he pursued Islamic studies under supervision of well known teachers of his city until the age of nineteen.

In 1284 A.H. (1867 A.D.), Hazrat Jalaleddin Ali moved to Tehran where he met his eminent master, Hazrat Abdolghader Jahromi, and studied under his guidance until his master passed away. He attained the absolute state of cognition through hard work, obedience and discipline.

Hazrat Jalaleddin Ali received permission to guide from four different Masters and became the pole of his time. These four Masters represented five different Sufi lineages that are as follow:

  • Agha Abdol-Gader Jahromi in the Oveyssi lineage
  • Agha Mohammad Jasebi, the successor of Hadj Mohammad Ja’far Kabootar-Ahangi Majzoob-Ali-Shah, in the Maktab Ma’roofi lineage
  • Zahir-al-islam Mir Ayneddin Hossein Dezfooli in the Ne’matollahi lineage as well as the Zahabi lineage
  • Agha Seyed Hosssein Ghorayshi in the Zahabi lineage

Hazrat Jalaleddin Ali, Mir Abolfazl Angha passed away in Tehran on the 29th of Jamadi-al Avval, 1333 A.H. (1915 A.D.). His shrine is located in Ray, ibn-Babveyh, Iran.

His Holiness composed numerous works in verse and prose on the subjects of reality of Sufism, the secret sciences, as well as philosophical and scientific writings which are considered to be one of the great works of our time. Some of his books include:

  • Adab-e Faghr dar Solouk,
  • Ahadith Ghodsi,
  • Esharat-al-Hosseinieh,
  • Anvar-e Gholoob-e Salekin,
  • Haghayegh al-Managheb, and
  • Ghonche-ye Baz dar Sharh-e Golshan-e Raz