MTO Shahmaghsoudi ®

The Khaneghah

Khaneghah or Khaneh-gah, literally means the “House of Present Time.”

To gain any kind of knowledge, one needs to go to school and turn to the teacher who has the knowledge.  In Sufism, the school is called Khaneghah.

In the old days, when a person was truly seeking his own truth and could not do it on his own, he would turn to the Khaneghah for spiritual guidance.

He would put aside all his social ranks and acquired knowledge, and with pure humility turn to Khaneghah to discover his inherent knowledge, beyond the boundaries of time and space, through the presence of the teacher and the practice of zikr.


Gah is that real or true moment in which a person is present and centered in his or her heart.  It is that moment of presence that one needs to continuously reach for and prolong, both inwardly and outwardly.

Each true moment in one’s life must be discovered and saved from being wasted in the transient and unstable aspects of material life.  Eventually the gate to the realms of knowledge and love opens to the true seeker of the path. The salik (seeker) needs to constantly gather in his truth and not be preoccupied with the distraction of others in order to be present and one with existence in every moment of his life.